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Let's Read is a forward-thinking organization that empowers displaced individuals through education.

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Empowering Refugee Women and Girls

At Let's Read, we are dedicated to providing education and empowerment to refugees, especially women and girls. Through our programs and initiatives, we strive to build a brighter future for them by equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

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The Neighborhood Storyteller

The Neighborhood Storyteller is the inspiring and heroic story of Asmaa, a determined young Syrian mother of four living as a refugee in Zaatari camp, Jordan, who for the last seven years has been using the art of reading aloud for pleasure to children as a bridge to tackle issues within her community. Trained by Jordanian nonprofit, We Love Reading, Asmaa uses the skills she learned, her creativity and resourcefulness to embark on a new reading project that contributes to building a conscious generation of strong and empowered women.This documentary film is presented by The Big Heart Foundation who strives to not only respond to humanitarian crises but to also work on developing projects which support vulnerable populations and empower people to become advocates and change-makers in their communities

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Education is a fundamental right for every individual, regardless of their background. At Let's Read, we believe in providing quality education to all, irrespective of their refugee status. With our specially designed curriculum and qualified teachers, we ensure that every student receives a comprehensive and holistic education.